Non Repeat Prescriptions known as “Acute” prescriptions are medicines that have been issued by the Doctor but not added to your repeat prescription records.  This is normally a new medication issued for a trial period and may require a review visit with your Doctor prior to being added onto your repeat prescription records. Some medications are recorded as acute as they require to be closely monitored by the Doctor. You may therefore not always be issued with your requested medication as you may need to consult with your Doctor.

If you require to make a request for a non-repeat prescription please dial 01698 747666 and select option '4' to connect you to our prescription voice-mail service. Please remember that some requests may not be authorised by your Doctor. You will be advised by the receptionist if your request has been authorised when you attend the Practice to uplift your repeat medication.

Please allow up to 48 hours for Prescription requests to be processed,